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06-10-2010, 02:53 AM
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Congrats to Majo and Tomáš! Especially to Marián, I´m sure he is very relieved among other things that he is not jinxed after all. The question is, is Ville Leino though?

My 09/10 Slovak hockey tops of the season:
1. Beating Sweden at the Olympics quarterfinal, amongst other things it was also great to back at them this way for what happened in Torino.
2. Jaro Halák´s 09/10 play-offs performance
3. Hossa+ Kopecký win the SC (I know should be harder, but I just love Jaro too much)
4. Slovak federation names Glen Hanlon the coach of the Slovak NT
5. Miro Šatan in the NHL play-offs

My 09/10 flops of the season
1. The NT blows away a two goal lead in a medal game at the Olympics (!) - this is not only the flop of the year, but of the decade- only the loss to the Czechs in the qurters in Torino 06 can compare with that
2. Worst period ever for Slovak NT in a 6-0 loss to Denmark and overall performances after the group stage at the IHWC, those players know to play better and all those lies about a "young" team, 7 players 25 years and younger don´t mean a young team
3. Halák and the Habs get beaten by the Flyers in the coference finas, really really don´t like the Flyers
4. Juraj Široký still is the president of SZĽH and whole building of the arena for the 2011 IHWC in Bratislava and his (i)llegal hotel next to it

Lookin forward to in 2010/2011 season:
1. IHWC in Slovakia

2. the 2011 NHL Draft
3. the elections to SZĽH and hoping that it finally ends up well
4. to see whether "we" can get the Cup for the 4th straight years
5. a whole year with Glen Hanlon and the ideas he promised he´d bring

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