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06-10-2010, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by no.95 View Post
Well of course not. But as long as the SEL is the third league in terms of quality and money and doesn't have that much to offer apart from the social aspect, what do you expect?

Besides, those players returning may be old, but they're still pretty darn good. Probably better than most of the players leaving. Lilja, Wallin, Johnsson will all probably make more of an impact than Ullström, OEL and Rundblad would have this next season, or in the same vicinity. Although Rundblad and OEL has a heck much higher potential than those three I doubt that they'll fulfil their potential next season. Same goes for Brunnström, Modin, Nylander (well, maybe not so much, still a pretty good player though) and Bremberg compared to most of the forwards on the list of NHL-bound players.

On the other hand it's much more fun watching the talented young players than old geezers who seem to have been around forever.
Yes, they are. But age is not as big a problem as health for this bunch of players. Which is also why they might be returning home in the first place.

Lilja was injured/ had post-concussion syndromes for a year, another concussion and his career is most likely over.

Johnsson and Wallin were both trade deadline aquisitions for the playoffs but neither could contribute because they were injured. I even think Johnsson's latest concussion is career threatening.

Modin has been injury riddled the past 3 years.

Nylander can still play but has two years maximum left.

Eriksson was a career AHLer.

Brunnström is the only one that would really stand out as a healthy signing with room to improve. But then again if it pans out, he'd probably be heading back anyways or at worst KHL.

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