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06-10-2010, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I agree to a point. If you have money and just wait a year you can get all the greatest stuff from last year at about half off. Not that big of a deal since most of your equipment doesn't need to be replaced. But, now they're selling $800 skates. $170 helmets. If you were to look at the cost of equipment on a graph and the cost of the materials that are used to make this gear I think you would see a stunning spike while the costs remain pretty flat. I would like to know how Easton can justify the $170 cost of their top of the line helmet compared to the $120 M11. Where is that extra $50 in their helmet? So, basically, like everything else you buy it comes down to the consumer. You can be a baller and spend on whatever you want as long as you can afford it. And if you cannot afford it there are places like Ebay and Play It Again where you can get equipment. If nobody buys $800 skates Bauer won't make anymore.
A completely new and revolutionary way of teaching the foam to the shell, a completely new foam and padding system, a new concept for the shell and about twice as stiff and protective as any other helmet on the market.

Costs have NOT been steady either.

Also, what people are ignoring is that the top end stuff is not marketed towards kids. The entry level and mid range stuff is. The top end stuff is geared towards pros and well off professionals who have the money to spend on themselves to play in a beer league. You can work yourself in a lather about the top end stuff, but it's completely and totally beside the point.

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