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09-30-2003, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by mudcrutch79
"As for Dawgbone, my point is, good people sometimes make bad decisions. Young people especially make bad decisions. You've mentioned yourself, or someone else said, that they've had 5 speeding tickets since they were 18. The only difference between that and this is that Heatley had the bad luck to slide off the road and hit the building. The consequences will be much more severe, but the actions leading up to it are pretty similar. Again, as I said earlier, I suspect that there but for the grace of God goes pretty much everyone on this board. I draw a distinction between an event like this and something like the alleged rap committed by Kobe Bryant. Its a tragic event and all that people can do is try and learn from it and change their behaviour. Condemning Heatley as someone unworthy of respect because he had the bad luck to have an accident while driving dangerously is hypocritical, unless you condemn all those who drive dangerously.

Not to make light of a serious situation but this stuck out to me. Wasn't the alleged rap committed by Shaq? Kobe is the **** case.

Having said that, I agree with most of the views here in that he deserves everything he gets and if that includes a loss of respect from fans then so be it. Anytime someone does something stupid, they lose respect from others. I know this is poor timing bringing this up but I lost respect for Fuhr when he was caught using cocaine.
This is not a case of him having bad luck. It is a case of him mking bad decisions and placing the lives of others in danger. There is no excuse for that no matter how you try to spin it Shaq.

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