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09-30-2003, 04:15 PM
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It has nothing to do with Heatley playing hockey. If he collected garbage cans for a living i'd say the same thing. If he were my own son i'd say the same thing, and speaking of someone who had a friend who crippled someone i can tell you he'd say the same thing. Whether his name says Dany Heatley or Bob Smith is irrelevant.

Do you honestly think people will stop and think just because it feels bad? If that were the case nobody would ever get shoot someone or **** someone or moleste someone. Where do you draw the line?

And there is a BIG difference between Dany Heatley driving normal and a tire blowing out. Heatley made the choice to speed, {And this wasnt the first time} and he made the choice to do it at night and as a result he crashed on a curve.

He shouldn't go to jail? Do you think people are going to stop doing things just because it makes them feel bad. So if i design a building poorly {knowing it is poor} and the building falls and kills someone, should i not be punished.

The reason you need a liscence to drive a car is because it is supposed to mean you are trained how to properly drive and more importantly that you ACCEPT the reponsibility of your actions and the affects they may have on others. if you take that away, then why have any laws or any liscences or any training. Everyone over 18 can drive, no one needs to be certified in anything or responsible for anything. Because if they feel bad, well that's punishment enough.

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