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06-10-2010, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CJV123 View Post
$100? In the NYC area, it's 5 times that much.
$350.00 an hour in NJ from what I have found. no more no less, not even an off hour price either.

I have a goalie, equipment prices are NUTZ if we go to stick and puck we have to find a place in the neutral zone against the boards and practice there quietly or it's like a seen from mighty ducks movies if he goes in net.

I get decent off hours ice prices here and I bring out a few shooters for my son once in a while.
Every year we have to do the math and see if we can afford the camps, lessons, registration and equipment.

As well we moved from house league to Rep this year and the team costs $1700.00 for the season plus we each have to find a sponsor minimum of $500.00 for the season.

House League was only (I cant believe I said only) $500.00

Equipment is cheep if you factor in everything else.

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