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06-10-2010, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ecemleafs View Post
the reason the USA struggles against top south american teams is because we arent near as good as they are. manchester united dont succeed in the premier league because they play south american style....they do well because they have some of the best players in the EPL, stability with SAF, and have long established a winning mentality at the club.
lol. the us isn't as good as south american team's because they are taught incorrectly from every level of competitive soccer up. south american countries don't have nearly as much equipment or resources to compete with the US.... yet however they are clearly the better soccer nation. how? they are taught how to play a particular style of soccer. one that sports team unity. look at the us midfielders and strikers. they go on joy rides with the ball until they lose it. they'd rather lose the ball than pass it. also soccer is not as popular in the us as it is anywhere else in the world. therefore less kids will grow up giving it there all playing soccer to develop their skills. whereas everywhere else in the world soccer is the dominant sport and thus players develop their skills for that sport more so than any other sport. which is why brazilians are so much more talented at soccer than players for the us are.

manchester city has one of the highest payrolls in the entire EPL. they still haven't found a consistent winning formula. that is because they play incorrectly. good players mean nothing when you don't find an effective way to beat opposing teams. manchester united on the other hand has a similar payroll to manchester city. they play a style slightly different than most other english clubs and thus are better with their game plans. however, that being said, without their world class players they wouldn't be anything more than a top 10 team. i guess it's the combination of the 2.

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