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09-30-2003, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by beerpaul
The horrifying crash that Dan Heatley and Dan Snyder were in Monday night shocked, saddened and finally worried me. From the age of 20 to 22, Heatley has gone from a college hockey star to a multi-millionaire, whom the hockey world has crowned as the next great hockey superstar. In papers and TV, Dan is accorded nothing but praise and greatness. I don't think many people, at 22, can keep their head on perfectly straight seeing and receiving all these rewards and praise. He's on magazine covers, does promos in Atlanta. The media, fans and even his team-mates look up to him. With all this, there is a good chance a person in this situation could start feeling invincable. Two other young stars in the NHL have also bought high-speed rockets. Vince Lecavaliar has a 300,000 dollar Ferrari, and Heatley star team-mate, Illya Kovalchuk, has purchased a Lamborgheni(forgive spelling). These are 3 of the NHL's brightest stars, who are all under 23 years of age. Maybe management should have any player(especially the younger ones) who purchase "cars" like these to take a drivers course for these particular types of cars, so that they are made aware of the explosive power and potential danger they inherit. If absolutely nothing is done, I believe this won't be the last catastrophic accident to happen to a young star.

If your stupid enough to drive a ferrari down a winding road at 80 miles an hour(35 the speed limit) then you deserve what you get. At age 20, i know thats stupid to do. At age 14 i knew that was stupid to do.

"If absolutely nothing is done, I believe this won't be the last catastrophic accident to happen to a young star"

-A young star? Would you have the same feeling torward a 20 year-old kid that did this if say he were your average college student? Cause he has talent he's doesn't count amongst the stupid?

I hope that moron's keep getting in accidents(alone, not with a passenger), that way this world won't breed more idiots.

Way to go Danny.

Only horrible thing about this situation is that he brought Snyder along with him.

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