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06-10-2010, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Where do you guys think season 2 picks up? Days? Months later? Or right with Boyd chasing down the girl that got away.

I was also thinking that they might have Arlo take over as bad ass #1 in Harlan with Bo out of the picture, just like he did when Bo went away.
I've gotta think that Arlo gets back in prison for pulling a gun on and trying to kidnap Raylan. He admitted to the plan as well, right? At the very least, the feds will be on him for reneging on their deal to rat.

Also, I need to mention the Boyd angle. For the entirety of his "new beginning" there's been plenty of speculation of whether Boyd was faking it or not. Although it doesn't appear that he was, having Bo kill off all his flock and forcing Boyd to question his new found beliefs was a great way to get Boyd out from the religious/cult angle. He could very well be back to his old ways next season.

I've gotta think next season will be Raylan vs. Miami. The two from Miami were, if not related to, definitely very dear and close to the kingpin in Miami. If he was wanted Raylan alive so badly after killing one of his good men (the guy from the pilot...Tommy Bucks?), then I'm sure he'll want him even more after taking out at least one--but probably two--of his top people.

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