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Originally Posted by 10 ft. pole View Post
Had a roller hockey player try to go low on a hipcheck on me last weekend. He is about 5'10 165. I go about 6' and 205. I've been playing in this P/U for 5 years. He's been showing up once or twice a month for 6 months. I have had 3 knee operations. I gave him the whoa man what are you doing going for my knees. He skated away with his back turned and said" that's hockey." So I waited til he went to the front of the net and pounded his kidneys with cross checks until he moved. Dude didn't say a word. I skated to the bench and he butt ends me. Next shift I purposely look for him and when I see him come across the middle get as low as I can and floor the dude with the hardest hit I can.

Dude drops like a sack of taters. Gets up complaining to the rink manager who has been watching the entire scrimmage. He listens to him then says "that's hockey". Whether it be scrimmage, beer league, pick up, or an NHL game. Best philosophy to live by is. Don't start no ****. Won't be no ****.

Hockey is a mans game act accordingly.
it doesn't get any simpler than that, does it?

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