Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks Sign D Lee Sweatt
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06-11-2010, 02:40 AM
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[QUOTE=Drop the Sopel;26227856]
Edler and Ehrhoff aren't the problem. They were both big minute players this season.

The Canucks usually have at least one defenseman out of the lineup for probably 40 games a year. Assuming just one guy goes down you're left with Rome, Sweatt and Alberts occupying half of your backend - that's a huge problem IMO. What happens if 2 guys go down? I don't even want to imagine what the defense would look like then...

Ideally Gillis finds 2 defensemen in free agency and Willie Mitchell is cleared to play and given a 1 year contract. IMO this is the best way to get some balance back into the defense...

Hamhuis Ehrhoff
Mitchell Salo
Edler Aucoin
well, you've still got two defensmen in your top 6 that will likely miss significant time. and both Salo and Mitchell are slowing down. Salo, while still solid, looked slow at times this past season. and I expect this concussion will affect Willie's game if/when he returns. so you've still got Rome + whoever making up the bottom of your depth chart when they go down.

I'm not convinced Aucoin is really much of a pick up for our team. he's a solid pro, sure. but he does nothing to add to our overall footspeed, and despite all his years in the league he's only played 47 playoff games and never been out of the first round (or played more than 7 games in a season at any rate).

And what do you expect Aucoin to sign for? I think he'll be around $2m next season. pretty meh signing imo, even though I am an Aucoin fan.

IMO something along those lines gives the Canucks much better depth. Rome is a guy that can step in when injuries hit and give you solid, dependable minutes. Aucoin is coming off a good season where he played on the Coyotes top pairing and could seemlessly slide into a top 4 role when the inevitable Mitchell/Salo injuries strike - Edler as well can take on tougher minutes...
lol, Edler will never see third-pairing minutes again, unless he plays late into his 30s. are you going to put Mitchell or Salo with Aucoin? maybe if we're playing on slush, but egads that would make a slow pairing. no chance Gillis makes 2/3 his top 6 sluggish skaters like Mitchell, Salo and Aucoin.

I have a feeling Adrian Aucoin will be a bargain in free agency. He provides a similar skillset and game as a Pavel Kubina but probably at a fraction of the cost. I'd like to see him targeted as a possible Shane O'Brien replacement - he's the perfect anchor for the bottom pairing IMO.
sure, and Rome provides a similar skillset and game as a Dan Hamhuis but probably at a fraction of the cost. unless someone outbids us for Rome's services, I expect Rome to be the anchor for the bottom pairing next season. his play this season earned it.

I also expect we'll see Alberts back. Gillis acquired him in part because he is signed for next season. even though AA had some tough games since being a Canuck, I don't think Gillis is going to let that erase his scouts' assessments. And Alberts did show some upside.

I'm pretty confident Rome and Alberts will be 2 of our 5-6-7 dmen. maybe Gillis will bring in Aucoin or Mitchell etc, or make a trade for someone like Franson, to round out that portion of the depth chart. but Gillis's talk about prospects stepping up suggests a defensive prospect will at least have a shot at the final roster. at this point, if someone came back from the future and guaranteed a Canuck blueline prospect made the team out of camp next season, I'd think the smart money would be on it being Sweatt.

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