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06-11-2010, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
He's not ready for a big role like that anyways. The only centre in the system who could be a second centre is probably Maxwell, and I don't think he could do the job. There's always Desharnaies, but he's so small so it would be a huge risk. We can't enter next season without Plakanec or finding a good replacement for him if he leaves.
It would appear that he lacks experience at center but anything is possible. During the season, you need good depth and Trotter can and could fill in temporary. Would he be successful? most likely not. I have seen nothing last year that would indicate that he could fill in at center let alone the second unit. He plays like a winger and is having some success in the AHL so why shovel the deck with him.

Desharnaies, talk about being with the wrong organization. We are so small and he is the smallest of all. Sure he plays bigger and I like him alot but .......the question I ask is how long can we keep him for? 1 more year in Hamilton? He is a special player and I see him being a good player in the NHL with the right cast. Almost a little Fleury and man Fleury was good. Could we sneak him on the 3 or 4th line for a year????

If Plekanec walks, I really don't see another alternetive aside from Cammy to take on that 2nd unit center job. the problem with this would be that for me Cammy on the wing seems more natural and he is having success on the wing and has played more the wing so I keep him on the wing. The guy getting prep for this is Maxwell and he is at a wall, still needs work in the AHL. Marleau is a good center perhaps one of the best but I see him liking the wing better plus the cash this guy will want.

Bottum line is if Plekanec walks, we will have to make some sort of trade if we want a top center. Looking at potential move due to cap hit and cash flow of certain team can be interesting. July 1st is coming real fast.

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