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06-11-2010, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
If 6mil was the most Cammalleri got offered coming off a 39 goal 80+ point season why would Plekanec get anything close. He'll get closer to Antropov type money imo.
gionta got 5M coming off a 20g 60pt season...

so using that logic alone, Plekanec should be coming in somewhere around ~5.5M after a 25g/70pt season.

the problem with that, however, is that the market is set much more by demand than it is by previous years contracts.

several factors go into Pleks favour:

- unlike cammalleri, who had hossa, gaborik, havlat, gionta and kovalev as "competition" (other goal scoring winger options for teams with that need), Plekanec only really has Marleau, and to a lesser extent, jokinen and lombardi. fewer options for teams to chose from = greater demand

- if i heard correctly, cap is set to go up by 2M this year, a bigger boost than last year

- while people around here seem to bemoan his post-season play, i'd bet he did nothing but increase his value... his production until the conference finals (where the whole team stopped scoring) was good, he played through injury, he was the best PK on the best playoff PK unit, and in my eyes answered any questions as to wether or not he could handle himself in the high-pressure high-contact play of the post-season

- every year there are a few players that end up getting much more than anyone thought, if his agent plays his cards right, this could be Plekanec's year

- every team wants a turtle-neck gangsta

i think if we get him for ~5M, it's because he tells his agent to give the habs a hometown discount, otherwise, I'd expect him to go for closer to 6M if he goes to the highest bidder.

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