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06-11-2010, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
I wasn't talking about Timmins, it's the obsession of drafting American players. I get that most of them are really good skaters, but with the points i mentionned earlier, i would try and avoid it unless i see a REALLY special talent.
I had a long phone conversation with the head scout of ISS a number of years ago when they were first getting started and he said to me that your going to see the landscape of scouting change since the NCAA had just changed the rule on drafting kids out of the USHS and USHL. He said your going to see a lot more US kids picked in the draft as they are making big strides in their development program. From the number of US kids getting picked each year, it seems as though we will see more US kids picked not less (talking about the entire NHL of course not just Timmins)

Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
I don't know. How many 1st round picks should have made the NHL for you to be happy? All of them? Half of them? Whatever is your answer to this question, why it is your answer?
I'm not trying to be obtuse here - if we can't even agree on basic premises like that, how can we have any kind of meaningful discussions?...
It's not about how many make the NHL, it's why is it we continue to struggle when it comes to 1st round picks.

This team has done very little in the NHL since '93, and a big part of that is our poor drafting in the 1st round along with poor development and poor asset management.

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