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06-11-2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jareklajkosz View Post
I really think the pre-1916 should be changed to pre-merger.. pre-1916 is very short and very lean.
I'm really surprised that YOU of all people would say this.

Originally Posted by jareklajkosz View Post
What TDMM said is exactly my concern. The best players have already been taken out of that pool, and the ones remaining, with a few notable exceptions that I know of, probably shouldn't be taken in this draft. I will, of course, look further into it, but to say there's enough players from that era for each team to grab two of them, AND to have each of those guys be worthy of this draft is, IMO, hyperbole.

16 teams with 2 players means 36 players. There are precious few players with any sort of retro-trophy nominations left, and in terms of PCHA ASTs, the pool is very scarce right now in terms of guys remaining. The rest, we have to rely on very limited information and statistical placements. Hedberg, when this is all done, I'd be very interested to see your list of at least 32 pre-1916 players that you feel are worthy to be taken here.
So they have to have won a retro trophy? or have been a PCHA all-star? How many NHL trophy winners are still available, or even runners-up? How many postseason all-stars from the NHL are left? That's simply not the caliber of player that we're looking at anymore. We're taking the "next best" and just like there are "next best" players in modern times, there were back then too.

Originally Posted by Hedberg View Post
Sure, I have the list made. Admittedly a lot of their selections is based on limited info, but the evidence suggests while not at the retro trophy level (all though there are still several remaining; there are a few pre-1916 hall of famers hanging around as well), they were among the best of the era. The majority of the 32 players on my list have been selected in MLDs before, so their presence will not water down the league.
You are right. There are easily enough players who started before 1916 to meet the requirement. Easily.

I don't, and never have, looked at the era requirement. I will just meet it "naturally" by filling my team up with the best possible players when I select.

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