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09-30-2003, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
One reckless driving accident in how long through a pool of players that are about 1000 players between the NHL clubs & prospects.

How do you explain the reckless car accidents that happen every day?

This had nothing to do with maturity level, money, or glitz & glamour. It has everything to do with a couple of young guys trying to have a good time and paying dearly for it.
Decade of behavioral studies disagree with you. We act how we act in great part because of who we are. Thus, maturity, money, glitz and glamour, a breakup, a bad day at work, EVERYTHING influences us one way or another though you can't measure these things up in an incident.

And actually, the number of car-related incidents in hockey is relatively high. It is a VERY real problem, as is alcoholism and DUI (which Heatley apparently was not doing).

In fact, it wasn't even the first time Heatley was involved in a car accident. That tells me right there there was a problem here.

Brooks, Laraque, Chiasson, MacT and many, many others have been
involved in accidents, some fortunately without consequences while others were absolutely tragic.

It's there, it won't go away, it should be adressed.

Push the age for draft eligibility and let them grow up a little more normally and you will already improve things IMO.

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