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Originally Posted by Albi
Thanx jt for your explanations.
I appreciate.
I try. I don't think McMaster was a genius, but the guy REALLY knew his stuff when it came to kids. IMO, EVERY SINGLE bad trade he made was one where his hand was forced. When it came to Gretzky, nobody wanted the guy for just two months. Well, they wanted him but they wouldn't give much. It was really a pretty bad market for him. Hell, Philly gave up a TON for Oates but the Kings barely got that much for Gretzky. Why? Because everyone knew the Kings were in a corner and Gretzky just wasn't a hot commodity that year. I also disagree with all the people who think the Zhitnik and Sydor trades were bad. Sydor DESPERATELY needed a change of scenery. I read an interview he gave about 4 yrs ago and he said that he was about ready to quit hockey before they traded him. Not because of anything the Kings did but because he just didn't think he had it in him to compete. He was a converted forward (because he wasn't a very good forward) and he wasn't learning how to play D very well. He didn't have the skills to be a Housley or Ozolinsh so he was just going to leave the game. When Hitchcock (his juniors coach) heard about it, the Stars and Kings talked and made a deal. As for Zhitnik, I think he is BY FAR the most overrated ex-King in the history of hockey. For a couple yrs there, the Sabres coaches and fans wanted to tar and feather him he was so bad/inconsistent. He is an "ok" Dman but on a good team (even the current Kings with Norstrom, Visnovsky & Miller) he would be a #4 Dman.

I think McMaster took a job that there was NO way he could succeed in. Why? Because he was a personal friend of Wayne Gretzky's. I don't know if you've heard the stories but I've heard ALOT of them and there was NOBODY who wanted that job because of the horrible financial state the Kings were in. Another example is Nick Beverly. People criticize him for trading Sandstrom + McEachern for McSorley + Paek. But what alot of people don't remember (or know) is that Sandstrom (who would be a 29 yr old RFA that summer) said he was going to return to Sweden if they didn't move him...and McEachern was just miserable outside the east coast. There's just SO much stuff that goes on that doesn't come out until years after that it's pretty hard to know when it's "fair" to criticize alot of the time.

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