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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Obviously anything that is pro-hockey will be seen as bias given the board and of course football has an insane following with cheers, rituals, fan support (good and bad), but I still cannot even compare watching hockey (and our beloved Habs) to watching football. Even if you have a team to cheer for and feel passionately about, IMO (which is bound to be in the minority) the Habs (or even the finals ftm) >>>>>world cup>other sports.
For club, I would agree with this. Since I'm not a huge fan of the Impact yet, but when I cheered for Manchester United (part of the Ronaldo bandwagon) it's true that I did not feel as excited when they won the championship (both premiership/champions league) as I would if it was the Habs.

However, internationally.. when Portugal went all the way to the finals in 2004, you bet your ass I was excited as hell.. and disappointed as hell when they lost.

But yeah, I'd take Habs winning the cup over Portugal winning the cup ANY DAY.

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