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03-18-2005, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
Up here, a player is in possession of the puck until somebody else gains possession and control (except goaltenders, who lose possession immediately when they get rid of the puck). Until then, he can be subject to a legal bodycheck. Of course, we can use our judgment for a blatantly late hit, but if a player already has the puck carrier lined up, as long as his check doesn't break any other rules, it's a legal play to finish the check.
Beat me to it. As a general rule refs I know generally say that an extra stride makes the call. The carrier has the puck and a defender is moving to hit them, the carrier then passes the puck off when the defender is within 5 - 10 feet. If the defender takes another stride and then hits the carrier, it's a late hit. If he continues into the carrier with momentum he already had it's finishing a check. They also say anything from more than 15 feet away is always ruled a late hit.

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