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Originally Posted by shortcat1 View Post
I'm watching part of some of the games at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and I swear that there's a bumble bee epidemic at the games.

All kidding aside, I researched it and found out (accurately, I hope) that the bumble bee buss is due to things called vuvuzelas - plastic horns. It's the traditional way for the South Africans to celebrate things. I seems that these horns were given to the fans as they entered the stadiums to cheer on their teams.

So, if you've got 80,000 people in the stadiums and 1/10 of them have those horns and are using them, you've got 8,000 of these horns being blown constantly. The result is you've got that steady buzz (or hum, if you will) all game long.

Wow... for those who aren't able to filter that out... it must drive them nuts. For those watching the TV, they've got to listen to it so as to even get the description and play by play commentary of the games.
I've yet to watch a game, but all my friends who are following the WC mentioned it.

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