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If playing with an unfamiliar group of guys for "pickup", I usually start off playing with little to no contact and adjust my game based on what is done to me and others, and also try to avoid coming into contact and knocking down anyone out there that is obviously just a beginner and/or has limited hockey/skating skills.

Is it normal to have some contact in "pickup"? usually, with most groups yes.

Is it normal to have body checking in open ice or along the boards in "pickup"? No.
collisions between players chasing for the puck, or running into someone because one or both players weren't looking where they were going is normal.

Is is normal to have a player react that way to getting knocked down ?
not a typical reaction but even with the most level headed groups and players reactions like that happen once in a while.

Is adult league hockey worse? in my experience, on average - yes. players get more intense in a game situations and incidents between players seem to happen more often then and so are overreactions - sometimes leading to just players pushing each other around; rarely - stick swinging; occasionally real fights (and suspensions to follow).

I've played on 4 different teams in 3 different adult n.b.c. (no body contact - but it really means no hitting/ no fights) leagues in my 20's and 30's. One league let a lot of chippy play with slashing around the knees and lower seemingly being routine. All the leagues had contact - it all depended on which ref. we had and what he usually called and let go.
I had one incident where I was smeared along the boards from the red line to the blue line and then had that player start wailing on my cage - don't recall if he took his gloves off (he's was nuts enough to). I think he was tossed from the game - not sure if he got any game suspensions - eventually he did enough to get himself suspended from the league. This happened in the league that had players on the top teams that had tried out for the OHL (way above my skill level).

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