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06-13-2010, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
Played a game the other night and while crashing the net, the ref blew the whistle and began to barrage me with cursing, and taunts and other slurrs at me. I'm not a chump, so I told him right back to f off and he gave me a unsportsmanlike penalty. So i'm like wtf man........if your gonna just go off on a player for simply crashing the net and getting physical downlow you shouldn't be reffing the game. This kid was like 20 years old, with a high school attitude. I almost wanted to go off on em right then and there.

Am I right or wrong on this one?, what the hell is up with high school kids reffing adult league games?, and having a nasty high school attitude towards PAYING players. It's not our fault that you didn't make a college team and take the game to a new level, instead your at a local ice hockey rink reffing house league games.
Maybe, just maybe, only high school kids ref' adult games because not too many adults want to be paid rather cheaply to watch some very crappy hockey and be insulted by players half the time? Maybe? If they were treated nicely, referees would be better, it's that simple.

I'm not only judging your situation, as I obviously wasn't there, but the amount of adult players who are unable to realize they can do wrong is high, very very high.

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