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06-13-2010, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
This is exactly the only reason i'm not for Kovalchuk.
Don't get me wrong we have to take the next step and we have to sign an impact player....................

But will Kovalchuk able to score while pinned to the board by two players ?????
If we bring in tremendous players like Kovalchuk or Marleau, we have to give them the best available coaching staff................

Serious.... i can see Kovalchuk asking the coaching staff when will he be moved to the real Los Angeles Kings... he is tired to practice with the WWE Next superstars.
And why do they use hockey rink boards instead a wrestling arena to do suplexes
or clothlines.
The last time he played hockey he tried to put a puck into a red marked net
Well, I disagree.

If our coaching staff is so bad, how is it that Kopi has improved from last year's 66 pts to 81 pts this season? DD improving from 27 pts to 59 pts and so forth. And this is all being done without a legit top line sniper. Just imagine how much more improved everyone else will be with the addition of Kovy. I'm sorry if you can't see how the addition of Kovy will greatly improve our offense, yes, even with TM as our head coach.

Just ask yourself this: Do you think that Kopi will have a better season with Kovy on his line or not? If the answer is yes, then what's the problem? If the answer is no, then swallow your pride and get back to me.

TM may not coach the way YOU want him to, but he delivers results and we have improved as a team.

Dude, you just really need to let go of hatin' on TM. Repeat after me...serenity now, SERNENITY NOW!!!

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