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(1920s NHL players like Billy Coutu, who started his hockey career in the NHA in 1916, qualifies as a 1916-or earlier pick.)

For help researching the earliest era click the league name on the link below (in the blue "Emergence of the NHL box"):

AHAC (1886–1898)
CAHL (1898–1905)
WPHL (1900–1910)
FAHL (1904–1909)
IPHL (1904–1907)
ECAHA (1906–1909)
TPHL (1906–1911)
OPHL (1908–1911)
CHA (1909–1910)
NHA (1909–1917)
PCHA (1912–1924)
NHL (1917–present)
WCHL (1921–1926)

(It's hardest to evaluate players during the first decade of the 20th century, 1900-1909, because there are so many leagues. Be careful.)


And look at some undrafted earliest era Hockey Hall of Fame inductees:

And by all means mine the resources here on the ATD subforum! Use the "search this forum" function to find discussion and stats on so many guys. Really, this helps. Of course, take the judgements of other posters with a grain of salt, but arguments and information from previous MLDs are helpful and do provide leads in one's research. I am the last one who likes navel gazing as I think past mistakes are just compounded by copying what picks have been made before, but some good reasoning and agreement has been reached on the value and accomplishments of past guys on this subforum, good quotes and anecdotal evidence, newspaper clippings cited, etcetera.

And above all, google is your friend. (click on the timeline for dates and links to help one SURF around plenty of hockey history sites with info from waaay back; there are plenty of newspaper clippings and book excerpts online if one just rides the wave and surfs to them - learn to enjoy the hunting process!)

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