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06-13-2010, 08:35 PM
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He might be warranted to do that, given the situation.

If one or both teams were being dicks and things were getting out of hand, or if he had prior knowledge of one or both of the teams having a habit of doing so... maybe.

Also, you say "oh, I just crashed the net" like it's a non-issue. At the best of times that's a dangerous thing to do, and maybe the ref just didn't want that tomfoolery in the hockey game. In the past four years, I've had a torn MCL and a torn groin in two separate incidents where players were "just crashing the net" and lost control, slamming right into me. In a third incident, I took a skate to the throat which got below my mask -- luckily, I had a throat guard on.

Again, I have no knowledge of the situation, and admittedly I'm a bit biased given my position and my history. But I wouldn't immediately get mad at the ref if he had to take things up a notch to get the situation in control.

Also, if you were nearly willing to fight the ref just because he swore at you, my feeling is that you're the one with the "high school attitude", not him.

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