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06-13-2010, 11:13 PM
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I got mine at a discount, it is not an ezgoal one but similar I guess.

The store left it in the window for too long and the sun faded the red color so they sold it to me for $60

Ummm yeah I am wearing a Joker hat, best outdoor hockey hat ever!

Excellent review of that goal Beavboyz .... I think I would wreck it though, this one here is solid and i wrecked it. I repaired it with wood dowels inserted in the joints and i used sheetrock screws made to anchor in metal to keep it together.

Mine is the same steel quality I have in mine, mine also had the same color code netting so maybe it is the same company?? I trashed mine with winter frozen pucks .... if you shoot frozen pucks beavboyz you will dent this goal you reviewed.

Yours however folds up and makes that a must for me, mine does not and a pickup truck is needed which sucks honestly.

I might look into the ez goal you posted as i could use it for sure on lakes and ponds and city rinks which have no cages.

So far so good. I have trashed it even more since this photo from 2008 though, it has huge dents in the crossbar and stuff now.

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