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06-14-2010, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by meanolthing View Post
Gonna buy the net in the next week or two, once the player I'm coaching gets back to me about her schedule this summer. Are those roll-up shooting pads worth the money? Because I'm liking the 96" length one, but the relative thinness of the material worries me a little bit.
I haven't used the thin roll up ones yet, but they look like they could be a bit annoying. They would be a bit more portable though if you don't have a truck.

I can fit the pro sized shooting pad in my car, but it takes up the entire cabin (doesn't fit in the trunk)

if you shoot frozen pucks beavboyz you will dent this goal you reviewed.
I dented it with regular pucks, it seems shots under 70 MPH won't do damage, but over 70MPH and a direct hit to the post will.

I have dented EVERY store bought net, if they make them heavy duty they are too heavy to carry so they are pointless.

weedsnager did you hit the inside center post at all with pucks? if your denting the other posts,i cant imagine that small center one to last very long with a few direct hits
Yeah I hit it a few times with a slapper and tonnes of times now with my wrist shot, no damage to it yet. Maybe because it is on an angle, and thinner so it deflects the pucks better??

Jayson Williams Green Biscuit looks spectacular
It really is, it just sucks that shipping is so much. I am thinking of ordering them in bulk and then offering $3 shipping to anywhere in North America. The problem is cheap shipping takes forever, so none of the stores will offer it and you basically have to pay $10 in shipping to get a Green Biscuit!

The only real option is order around $100 worth of stuff and tack on a few Green Biscuits.

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