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06-14-2010, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
without sounding too much like a troll

The kings and Hawks are built differently and the kings got to address a few issues.

But any LAK fans that wants the team to go out and buy Kovey--they need to get a grip. Dean L is building the team properly and going out and tossing big money at a UFA is not a good thing.

The hawks are in cap hell for doing such thing and it will cost them some of their kids who they have to move because they are already over the cap with only 15 players signed. The kings have postioned themselves perfectly to keep their core and pick up players who teams may not want to move but have to for cap reasons and get them for next to nothing

Dean L is a genious
Let me get this straight: Chicago is in CAP HELL and will lose some of their kids while LA is built by a genius because they can keep their core and pick up players on the cheap or by poaching CAP HELL teams.

Please remind me which team just won the cup, which is, after all, why all 30 teams play this game, right?

I mean DL has won so much to this point. Maybe you missed the Fan 590 interview with DL last week where he said he accept the trade off of having Chicago's problems for the Cup they now have. SO WOULD I. File it under "one in the hand is worth two in the bush."

As for poaching players, I have yet to see it happen and the Kings wont have the bonus problem that Chicago will suffer from because no one but Doughty is likely this year or next to have that kind of bonus in their ELC.

Like I have said before CAP SPACE is USELESS, like MONEY, unless it is SPENT. While Kovy or Marleau wont guarantee a cup, they markedly improve our team and fill gaping holes that arent likely to be filled easily otherwise without giving up assests and changing chemistry.

If the choice is keeping players or winning a Cup, I think thats a no-brainer, but reading some posts here, one could begin to wonder.

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