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Originally Posted by Ashe View Post
Stealing games happen. Its all about being prepared for the unexpected and trying your best. Individual teams never do good, because there is a lack of chemistry and the time to meld.
Make a team outing, and have some brews or a laugh, and watch confidence and chemistry grow.
Yes stealing games happen, but it's almost like everything has to be right in the world in order for it to happen

At the OP:
Doesn't sound like you can really do much. To win games anyway. It's my personal belief that 'Your goalie will only look as good as the rest of the team. And vice-versa.' If they're a team of players who aren't any good but 'think' they are, the most risky thing you could do is tell them that you're the only one keeping them in the game.
Who knows though, it could lite a fire under their ***es. It could also destroy whatever level of trust/confidence they have in you.
Is your coach giving them pointers/telling them anything after games?

Anyways, back to what you CAN do.
Stamina could very well be a factor, but also a little bit of psychology goes a very long way. For example, if you're afraid to make a mistake, you won't perform very well. With even a little doubt in your mind could throw your whole game off. On the other hand, confidence alone could be a beneficial factor, or a really decietful ally. You just gotta find what works for you, man.
If it's wailing on a fellow-linemate for playing the man and not the pass (because why would you do that? I've got the man square to his shot, I can save it, if he passes I'm screwed! What the hell was going through your head!?!), or maybe it's something like drowning puppies, then that's great! I mean, who am I to judge? But I would strongly recommend stuffed animals as a good substitute, or some form of psychiatric care. For starters...

But to be more serious,
You should take note of your mindset and tendencies before the game and at the beginning of every period. Does this change at all? Why? And does it seem to be working?
If it's not, try different approaches. Some goalies like to be hyped before the game, some like to be left alone, and yet others like to be mad at the world. Find out what motivates you before and throughout the game, and why.
You'll find that you'll play better in a specific state of mind.
If you don't like what you're telling yourself, dont beat yourself up. Try and look at the positives.

Do you communicate with your defenders or other teammates? If you did, it helps everyone. Let's say if you're screened or if they have room to skate vs. a man-on. try and be the man that'll help his teammate's confidence level.

Your concentration should be constant and throughout the game. If not it could cloud your focus. You should have goals/results your striving towards. If one of them is to "be the team" "steal every game" or "not give up any goals" - those aren't realistic. But if it's , say, "to work your ass off for the entire time so that your team has a fighting chance" then you have a focal point to ease your concentration.

The pre-mindset you seem to have in front of you is that, 'your team sucks and you're the best chance they have' which is a recipe for disaster. This will only motivate you to try and take responsibility for everything, thus overwhelming you. The main thing is to stay calm and just focus on the task at hand.
If your team is not playing their best, and it's discouraging you to play at your best, then try and find some motivational factors that inspire you to do so.
if you simply can't, then what the hell are you doing with your life

I hope this helps.

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