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06-14-2010, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't care how often you've been around the gym you are WRONG.
It's not because you played ''competitive'' hockey and been a gym member your whole life that it makes you an expert on the matter.

The number of morons at the gym is incredible. Most members don't even know what they're doing and do it wrong. Can't blame them, their trainers are usually filled with crap and know even less what they're talking about.

Putting on 25lbs over 4months is possible.
Putting on 25lbs of lean muscle is IMPOSSIBLE.

There are limitations as to how much muscle your body can add over short periods (and long ones for that matter).
If you gain 25lbs over 4months that means you gain more than 6lbs of pure muscle a month, that's laughable.

Like you said, there are many examples of athletes putting on too much weight which made it more difficult to them. Those were not gains of pure muscle.
On the contrary though, there isn't any example of an athlete adding over 20lbs in the off season and benefiting from it.

It's just impossible and will be counterproductive.

If you want to add weight, quickly, you will need to limit your cardio vascular training and focus more towards a bodybuilding type of workout. Because, in a nutshell, how do you put on mass??..By eating more Kcal(calories) than spending them.
So, since adding fast weight is the objective, you will stock up on Carbs.
Over stocking on Carbs (not burning enough Kcal) means that those will essentially be converted into fat. Limiting burning calories, while continuously having a high intake of them through your nutrition means you will rarely use the energy given to you from fats (limiting your carb intake and focusing on spending the energy stored from fats is how you lean out).

So, over earting Carbs + not burning enough KCal = Adding weight (with a lot of Fat).
Adding weight =/= Adding pure muscle.
Adding lean muscle over such a short period is impossible because of the nutrition and type of workout you want to do.
Add mass= High Carb diet, Low Cardio/intensity Workouts.
Lean Muscle=Low Carb diet(stock up on Fatty foods instead), High Cardio/Intensity WOs.
That's why it takes time for EVERYBODY to have big pure muscle gains and is impossible over 4months.
This is without even looking at the body type and physiology of the person.

Also, if you weigh 180lbs and add 5lbs of pure muscle, your weight on the scale won't be 185lbs. It'll be higher than that. You can't add muscle without adding a bit of far as well (they usually say for every 5lbs of pure muscle, you will add 2lbs of fat), and there's also water to take into consideration.

So adding 25lbs of pure muscle = adding more than 25lbs to your overall weight.

If you think you can add 25 of pure lean muscle over 4months then you live in LalaLand.
Good to know all of this

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