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Originally Posted by Mad Habber View Post
I realize soccer (football) is the most popular sport in the world. But the only one for me is hockey. I donít watch any other.

Hockey - goals, action, momentum switch, etc, real athletes.
Baseball - boring, athletes with beer bellies
Football - too much standing around. Average play is 5-8 seconds long. Some good athletic guys in there too, except for a few 350 pounders who can hardly move. I know why they are there. I still won't call them athletes.
Basketball - like watching tennis almost. Back and fourth, score, score, score. Itís a bigger deal when they donít score.
Soccer - a goal is so rare, too many 0-0 ties. Field is too big. All the diving is annoying also

Other sports like rugby, pollo, field hockey, lacrosse just arenít mainstream enough for me to care.

So no CH or Canadian maple leaf (not that disgusting blue and white Toronto crap) and I donít care.
Watch a hockey game since the new rules came into play?

Only place you'll see a 420 gram stick tap a 6'4" 240lb person on the shin pads, and have them go down like they were shot...

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