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Originally Posted by Jiggernaut View Post
I'd have to say the biggest drawback about Hockey is the disconnect between the action on the field/ice and the fans in the stands. In all other major sports there isn't a 6 foot high ring of glass separating the fans from the action. (Yes, I know why it's there... )

And Hockey live is one of the sports where sitting closer usually means your view of the action is worse off than sitting at least 1/2 way up. Anyone that has sit relatively close to behind the bench, penalty box, along the glass on the side boards can attest to your field of view being cut off almost up to 40% in some places.

And people will argue that the best seats are in the 300's. However when you sit up there, although you can see everything fine, the sense of speed of the game is lost compared to sitting in the low 100's (which I know can be said about all sports).

Basketball probably has the best connection of players on the court and the fans in the lower bowl than any other sport. You get within the first 10 rows, and you're pretty much in the game.

I love hockey, but I'll admit it isn't the best spectator sport out there. Many of the reasons we love it so much, is it's biggest drawbacks as a spectator sport, especially for new fans.

Your criteria:
speed - may also be one of its biggest drawbacks as a spectator sport. blink, and you can miss something. new to the sport, good luck keeping up. plays are harder to execute (see: amount of turn-overs in a hockey game)

game flow - soccer probably wins out here. 45min+ non-stop. but sometimes continuous action can be a downside. want to take a piss, get some food, etc? you're gonna miss some of the game.

athletic agility - football. nothing beats a running-back busting up the middle through a seam, juking around players. Hockey very close second.

tactics - nfl football by a landslide. every play is a set play. college bball second, for pretty much same reason. Hockey is highly ad-libbed on a play by play basis, for its difficulty to execute.

danger and contact - football for sure. There's a reason there's pretty much an injury or a few every single game in the NFL. And we all know, players don't hit in the NHL until the playoffs roll around anyway.

I don't know, maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, as most people seem to be just answering what their favourite sport is. Hockey is by far my favourite as well, but I'll be the first to agree and point out the flaws it has as a spectator sport.
Excellent point by point analysis, btw

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