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06-14-2010, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
But the only way you get the CAP hit that low (more than likely) is with the term like Hossa has. Are you ok with that?

I agree but 2 things:

1) What a players get paid inflates every year with the salary cap. So what one player signed a contract for 2 years ago isn't necessarily a fair comparison. I do agree that there has to be some continuity though between players' salaries. But I think we are comparing apples and oranges and here is why...
2)We all know what Kopitar's position is on the team (#1 center) and he has kinda grown into that and will continue to do so. That being said, Kopitar signed his deal while on an ELC. Maybe I'm wrong here but haven't most of the players that have signed long term deals at a young age and forgone the "second contract" taken a bit less than what a similar players received on the open market because they are still a RFA?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that had Kopitar signed his new contract next summer, he'd probably be looking at upwards of $7m (maybe even closer to $8m) depending on what kind of numbers he puts up next season due to the inflation of the CAP and his value has gone up (and more than likely will continue to do so). If you are going to use Kopitar's contract as a benchmark, the problem then becomes how do they sign UFA's if they are always going to be outbid?
This is kind of my point. Detroit doesn't use the rest of the league as their benchmark. They use their internal salary structure with Lidstrom as the benchmark. UFAs can take it or leave it. We aren't Detroit yet by a longshot, but if you want the kind of depth it takes to win year in and year out, that has to be the mindset IMO. Maybe Doughty will be the new benchmark for the Kings.

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