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06-14-2010, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
It isn't just about scoring goals.

I'm just curious...for those who are in the Marleau camp, is it more of a cap issue or do you really think that we'll be a better team with Marleau instead of Kovy?

We ARE talking about 1M-2M more for Kovy correct?
You are making a pretty bold assumption there (no pun intended - I bolded the text). We have no idea how much either of them will ultimately cost. I personally am not swayed one way or the other although that most certainly will and should be a factor. I do think Marleau gives us some flexibility. If they were to decide get rid of Stoll, he could play 2nd line center (his best years are at the wing though).

I think that there is a chance that Kovalchuk becomes way too expensive ($8m+) and a chance DL can get Marleau a bit of a discount. That is pure conjecture on my part. I just see Gaborik go get $7.5m for 5 years. How in the hell is Kovalchuk not going to get more than that? The only way is on a Hossa-esque deal. Marleau on the otherhand would probably want to stay in California and since he is older and has already earned a lot, is more likely to accept a more practical deal. Again, this all conjecture on my part and I have no basis for it.

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