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09-30-2003, 05:56 PM
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.....I think we've stopped the bleeding.

Just got back from the game. I don't know how many of you had the oppritunity to get to tonite's game or got to hear it on radio, but I thought I would try to give my best review FYI.

First of all let me give you MassEnforcers "Three Stars Of The Game"

1. Felix Potvin - "The Cat" put in a very, very solid performance tonight. Look I can't explian it either. Potvin did not face any stand on your head saves, but he did make 28 very average to above average saves tonite. He seems to be getting in the right place at the right time and aligns himself with the shooter much better than I've previously heard. BTW, Steve Shields was all over himself during warm-up's, shooting himself for not stopping most of what was thrown at him.

2. Jeff Jillson - After watching Jillson for most of last season with Providence, I have probably been the most skeptical person on this board about his chances of making it with the Boston club this year. ladies and Gentlemen, I am now a Jillson believer. Tonite's performance will solidify Jillson's spot with the big club, if he hasn't landed it already. My only critizism, and I'm probably nit picking, is that he could still use a little work with bringing the puck up ice.

3. Zdenek Kutlak - Another P-Bruin who I've been very critical of in the past. Kutlak has made a 180 turn from what us P-Bruin fans have known for the past several years. Very solid work in the defesive zone especially in front of the net. He used the body very effectively, and punished anyone who dared to hang around the crease. With Boynton signed up, it looks as if there might not be room for Kutlak, but if I had to choose between Kutlak or Morrisonn. Shaone would be on the next Commuter Rail to Providence.

Honorable mention - The line of Thornton, Murray, Knuble. It took them approx. 2 minutes into the game to make the statement they wanted to make. Unfortunately, that's all you heard from them for the rest of the night.



The lines we're pretty consistent throughout the game with a few changes here and there mostly on the PP and PK.

Murray-Thornton-Knuble - After the goal in the first, you hardly heard from this line. Sully was quick to substitute Samsonov for Knuble which was pretty consistent for the rest of the game.

Samsonov(Knuble)-Bergeron-Huml - Clearly, the best line to watch tonight. The most scoring chances by far. Bergeron fits very well with the likes of Samsonov and Huml.

Samuelsson-Donato-McCarthy - Ho hum, a few minor scuffles, that's it.

Zinovjev-Nowak-Grosek - Nowak is a better face-off guy than people give him credit for. Nothing special form Zino and Grosek.

By far, the defense was the story of tonite's game with the exception of Morrissonn, who at times, looked very out of place and lacksidasical. He got beat far too many times and made some god awful turnovers throughout the game. Tonite's performance will by no means help his case for a spot. There were alot of changes in pairings but it started as:


Jillson and Kutlak just looked great. Moran waited until the middle of the 3rd period to start using the body. McGillis had a pretty average game. Jurcina is just a massive intimidating figure. His mere presence just makes you cringe in your skates.

One thing that was very noticeable was the mere size of the Boston squad as compared to the Devils. I didn't have a chance to review that stat sheet but, we do have a very big team compared to the Devils squad.

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