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06-15-2010, 12:00 AM
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Philadelphia Street Hockey

This run, devastating loss and all, has provided me with more than a couple months of passive entertainment - it has allowed me fall in love all over again with playing a game I've obsessed over since I was 4 years old.

Hockey was the sport in my neighborhood growing up. Almost everyday after school, my friends and I would drag our rollerblades, pvc goals, and Mylec balls to our alley and play until the sun went down and our parents dragged us inside for dinner.

Once a year we would challenge the kids from the neighborhood next to ours to a game. Girls came to watch, brothers and sisters came to support, and whichever team won would have bragging rights at school until the next big game.

These annual games became so big, with so many kids informally playing the sport, that our town was pretty much forced to form a legitimate league. I'm pretty sure that league exists to this day.

In any case, playing hockey was a huge part of my childhood - a part that I've always regretted letting slip away.

With this year's run inspiring so many in this city, my roommates and I were finally able to convince a bunch of people to pick up the sport again. We've played about five games in the past few weeks at the beautiful rink at Front and Washington, with turnouts of around 10-15 people each time.

I want to play more. I want to see people playing on the streets of this city again. Everyone here is obviously a huge hockey fan - let's participate in the sport we value enough to spend hours talking about with strangers.

I hope this thread will turn into a place where pickup games are planned and good friends are made.

Who wants to play some ****ing hockey?

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