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09-30-2003, 06:09 PM
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or worked with victims of incidents like this and thus have a real world understanding of the effects as compared to somone merely commenting for the sake of commenting and neither giving reason nor personal experience for their feelings.

and why is something like this going to happen again? because of some of the "it was an accident" approaches that come with it. so it'll keep happening again and again and they'll always be a circumstance and an excuse.

Though of course if it were some 18 year old kid who didnt play for the local hockey team i doubt their'd be as many prayers or questions on what good a punishment would do.

like i said before, work in a hospital and see if the "Everyone does it" excuse seems to fly as well. and no it wasnt on a freeway it was in a residential area for anyone thinking he was doing 80 in 70 or 75 zone.

my question is, when does it not become okay that everyone is doing it? when you know the person? when its a kid? when you have to be the one to tell the family of the victim? maybe i am missing something but when is it not okay to be upset over careless driving that results in a serious crash?

lots of people drink and drive, does that make it okay?

i'm not a perfect being NO ONE is and no one is claiming to be. Driving a car wrecklessly is not forgetting to put a cap on the toothpaste. it's a serious offense, especially when it isnt the first time. I have done stupid things in my life, but i've never endangered anyone's life as an adult.

i am not saying we need to hang him from his toes but give him a fair sentence for what his actions resulted in. we have to keep somewhat of a sense of law or else every time somebody does something they can just say sorry.

This isnt a 16 year old or a 17 year old. this is a 22 year old adult, a few years younger then me. i'm not damning him to hell or even saying he did it on purpose. it was an accident, but an accident that was against the law and resulted in someone getting hurt. if we start to throw that out the window it's gonna get real ugly real fast.

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