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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I definitely agree with all of that. The things that stands out the most to me, at least in comparison to Gomez, are how Giroux's able to play bigger then he is (I still love remembering how he wasted time off the clock by battling three or four Bruins at once) and his goal-scoring. Gomez is a horrible goal scorer. He's pitiful, in fact. The most you can expect from Gomez is 20 goals and that might be being hopeful. Giroux, while not much of a goal-scorer himself, certainly isn't bad at it.

While his shot is pretty bad, he often has the smarts to be in the right place at the right time to pot goals in. This is most obvious on the PP and is partly why Giroux is so good on the PP in my mind. He's a good PP goal scorer because what Giroux's shot lacks, he makes up for in creativity and positioning.

For those who don't remember that board battle I was talking about against the Bruins:

In fairness to Gomez, he does have a 30 goal season on his resume. Though, his shooting % was completely out of line with his career. The primary difference between the two on the goal scoring front is that Giroux tends to try and move the puck to the middle of the ice more than Gomez does. Gomez does more perimeter work looking for someone to come free, which is why I think he's had more success (at a younger age then Giroux, mind you) creating plays. One of my biggest frustrations with Giroux is that he tends to play the puck into congestion and lose it more than he needs to... That results in some goals (some fancy ones), but I think he's going to need to learn to hold the puck in space a bit more as he goes forward.

Originally Posted by 2Claude2Giroux View Post
Can the Flyers afford to lose him? I mean, they don't really have any young scoring wingers at all.
JVR says Hi. And, yes, I think JVR is ultimately going to be better than Giroux... just needs to get stronger and develop a bit.

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