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06-15-2010, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DaStars99 View Post
All big xii fans should thank Texas for saving their conference
It's a temporary stop-gap. The conference will implode within three years because of the unequal revenue sharing and UT playing the role of a bull in a china shop. As an example, the five schools that were going to be left behind forfeited all rights to receive buyout money from Nebraska and Colorado. Their share went unequally to the five who were thought to leave the conference. Those five didn't negotiate from positions of strength and got bent over, along with TTU and OSU (those two to a lessor degree). UT got the most money from the alleged new television deal and the right to have their own TV network. UT, OU and TAMU will receive the most television revenue, followed by TTU and OSU then the other five. Unequal revenue sharing was one of the biggest reasons for the problems to begin with, and since that hasn't changed but gotten and will continue to get worse, the future of the Big XII is non-existent.

Originally Posted by piqued1457 View Post
Excuse my ignorance, but why doesn't TCU just join the Big 12?
What would TCU add to the Big XII? TCU carries no market that isn't already saturated with fans of one of the Big XII universities. They can't fill their stadium. I went to a game at Amon Carter a couple of years ago and, while it was a sell out or close enough, 60-70 percent of the fans were sporting the colors of the opposing school.

While it's admirable what TCU football has done in recent years, as an institution they don't add anything to the Big XII that isn't already there. Houston would be a much better add, but if the conference wants to truly expand and maintain the annual Red River Shootout, and both UT and OU certainly do, they need to somehow find two or more schools capable of playing in a north division that can somehow compete with the big five (UT, OU, TTU, TAMU and OSU) in the south. That's not going to happen.

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