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06-15-2010, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
They still can't unless College Game Day is there (ala Utah last year or year before whichever)
I know. I was trying not to be as negative towards TCU as I've been in other places on this specific aspect. There just aren't many TCU fans, be they alumni or just fans in general.

When I was in school, there was never a question whether the Jones would be packed for all but the cream puff non-conference games (there were less then than now). Fans of opposing teams did come into town, just as they do in every town for every sporting event, but it was never, ever close to even being 70-30 home to visitor fans. Believe it or not, Kansas State traveled the best (oh those purple buses playing the K State fight song) and I have much admiration for Kansas State fans.

None of this mentions the fact I don't know if TCU wants to join the Big XII. They feel like they got shafted when the Big XII formed, thinking the political wrangling in Austin pushed Baylor ahead of them in line. What they don't seem to grasp is that the original Big 8 expansion was to only include UT and TAMU, but the political wrangling added TTU and Baylor to the mix.

A couple of months ago, TCU's head coach Patterson (I can't stand his constant whining) was on ESPN College Gameday (or whatever the off-season version is called) and asked specifically if the Big X took both Missouri and Nebraska if TCU would be interested in joining the Big XII. His response was the only way TCU would be interested is if they were placed in the North so they wouldn't have to play UT, OU, OSU, TTU and TAMU on a yearly basis.

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