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06-15-2010, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DaStars99 View Post
All big xii fans should thank Texas for saving their conference
I should note, how would you like it if Purdue's agreement in the Big Ten included non-equal revenue sharing where the conference's power house teams (Ohio State and Michigan) received almost 50 percent more television revenue than Purdue? That's what the alleged (it still hasn't been actually negotiated) new television contract in the Big XII calls for. Add in the fact two other Big XII universities will receive 25 percent more revenue than the third tier (TTU and OSU), and the lower five teams will be knocked further down to get less than half what the tier two teams get.

To add injury to insult, let's think of when Purdue had a very good football team (I'm not saying their team is bad today) with a huge national draw in a potential top NFL draft pick in Drew Brees (I fully understand Purdue had better teams before Brees too). Purdue football was televised six times, the most within the Big Ten other than Ohio State and Michigan, three times on ABC prime-time Saturday night football, had three of the most watched football games within one season infringing upon the most watched of all time and the rather meaningless bowl game they did play in was one of the most watched non-BCS bowls of all time. Now consider Michigan State, surely a good program but not on the same measuring stick as Ohio State or Michigan, has been hovering just above .500 for the past 8 or so years, been routinely beaten by Purdue and was on television three times in the same season. The Big Ten decides to do unequal revenue sharing and gives Ohio State the most followed closely by Michigan and Michigan State. Wouldn't you, as a Purdue student, be upset Purdue didn't get as much as or more than Michigan State?

That is what has happened with respect to TTU and TAMU. And don't give me the market crap either. The combined Amarillo, Lubbock and Midland/Odessa markets, not counting the many viewers from the surrounding towns and into New Mexico (and believe me they are all TTU markets) outnumber Bryan. TTU has the second largest alumni group in DFW, second only to UT. No, I'm not arguing TTU has a bigger market share than TAMU, but if they don't, it's very, very close.

The PAC-10 deal would have increased television revenue for all invited schools, helped push academic stands, increased research grants that are scarce for Texas schools not named UT or TAMU, put pressure upon the Texas Legislature to remove the antiquated mineral rights agreement, barred individual schools from having their own network and had equal revenue sharing.

With all of this in mind, if the same thing happened with the Big Ten, would you, as a Purdue student, thank Ohio State for taking a larger piece of the pie while increasing Purdue's television revenue a scant $4 million, knowing full well the same unequal revenue sharing that was a major cause of all of this would still be in existence and going to get worse when Ohio State launched its own network?

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