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06-15-2010, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
So do the other former SWC schools.

How Baylor continues to luck out in this conference realignment things is beyond me. They had absolutely no more reason to head into the Big 12 at the time it came about than SMU, TCU, Houston, or Rice did.

But I'm biased.
Well, I am too, but both Baylor and TTU had a bit of luck in getting into the Big XII. While TTU did have more going for them than the other schools you mentioned, with the possible exception of Houston, Baylor did not.

TCU doesn't come close to capturing even a respectable portion of the Ft. Worth market, and that same market is saturated with alumni/fans of UT, TTU, TAMU and Baylor, in that order as it happens. They just don't add anything a conference looks at when expanding.

If the Big XII were to expand in the future, and I don't think the conference will last more than a few years, they'll look at Utah/BYU, New Mexico, Arkansas, Houston/UTEP, Air Force/Colorado State and maybe Louisiana Tech. The Big XII already owns the entire Texas market so why would it want to grab another Texas team at the expense of adding another market to the conference?

Sorry for the long, drawn out responses, but I'm really passionate about this type of stuff and am not happy with how the Big XII ended up when I feel my alma mater got the shaft due to five schools voting for anything rather than nothing and one other university getting its biggest piece of the pie before the conference implodes. I don't blame those six of doing what was in their best interest, but it's only delaying the inevitable both within the conference and within college football in general. There will be 'super conferences' soon, and there was a chance for five Big XII members to be in one, not to mention if Beebe had any foresight he could have started his own push to create one, but now only OU and UT are assured of being included in those super conferences in the future. The rest of the remaining Big XII stand a decent chance of being left out.

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