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Originally Posted by Monsignor View Post

In my last 2 outings I have had 3 incredibly hard falls landing right on my tailbone. Last nights fall knocked me out of the rest of the game not to mention slowing me down dramatically today.

That said I am looking for some pants that offer superior protection for the tailbone area. Currently I am using CCM 08 pants.

In using the SEARCH feature here (you're welcome ) I saw that TACKLA seems to be a favorite. That said I don't recall seeing TACKLA being sold in the Dallas, TX area (unless I am missing something). Although I don't mind shopping on line I would rather try on pants that are new to me for sizing and such.

I have Reebok, Easton, Mission, CCM, etc. readily available in my market.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
you're currently using ccm v08's? imho, you're not gonna find anything much beefier in the tailbone area than that. had a chance to try on the tackla 9000z's (US/thai made version) and eagle x88's, and neither of them had as much butt/tailbone padding as the v08's, imo. can't speak for warrior hustler, reebok or easton though.
mission fuel 110 isn't too shabby in that area though.

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