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06-15-2010, 03:30 PM
sherwood sniper
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I used one for a little while. Fog, breathability ( Don't think that's a word) and believe it or not, scratches led to its new home, the garbage.

Fog: It is what is what is. They fog up more than a half shield because they are taller, closer to your mouth. Best thing I used was straight dawn, no water. Basically think of how you wax your car, same steps apply.

Breathing: For some this might not be an issue. I grew up with asthma and the lack of airflow really sucked at times. Also because of the flow problem, inside the fishbowl get substantially hotter than with a cage/ nothing.

Scratches: If your playing men's or pick up, this wont be as much of a problem. However, if your some one who plays very physical, and are always mixing it up and battling in the corners, be prepared for some damage. I also had one actually crack horizontally from a cross check. That sucked to finish the game with and was the last time I wore one.

Just my opinion...hope it helps.

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