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06-15-2010, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
Before I touch the rest...if Arkansas moves out of the SEC, it'll be the stupidest decision they could have ever made.
Except that Arkansas hasn't exactly flourished in the SEC and since they left the SWC they've cut off Texas as a recruiting base, which is crucial for any school in football. I only mentioned Arkansas due to geography, not that I think they are a realistic target. However, at this point any team joining the Big XII would be making an incredibly stupid decision because the conference won't last.

Also keep in mind the Big XII essentially has to find two 'North' schools in order to keep the Red River game in place on an annual basis. But the prospects of 'North' teams don't look good. The Big XII will die a rather quick death due in large part to Beebe and the five 'leftovers' just voting for anything rather than nothing which ensured the crap sandwich that was served by Beebe in Austin.

Missouri helped start this entire mess, were found to not have a foot in the Big Ten door and promptly bent over to allow UT to give it to them repeatedly. They will continue to look elsewhere, not that I blame them, and once they go, others will go elsewhere.

I can tell you I have not heard from one TTU alumni who is happy, most are outright pissed off, and the news from my TAMU friends isn't much better. My UT friends, that pay attention at all to sports or non-UT specific sports, wonder why TTU shouldn't be happy with an increase in money and leave it at that. They don't get the entire unequal share and how that creates an imbalance in something that should have balance. I can't imagine OSU alumni being happy with the deal either.

Does it tell you something that Beebe wouldn't and hasn't returned the phone call from TTU Chancellor Kent Hance?

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