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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
Says the person with the avatar of HAL.
I can't find my grumpy dwarf avatar... going to look for it.

Name: <intentionally left blank. you don't need to know. >
Age: 35
Location: Rogers, MN.
Fav All time Minnesota player: Mike Ramsey. I have a lot of respect for the guy and really wish he would have been named head coach instead of Richards.
Fav Current Wild: Hard to decide, but right now, Harding would be the choice. He seemed to be the one I got upset about the most when he was forced to play injured. Otherwise, I'm sort of down on the entire roster right now.
Fav Non Wild Players: Owen Nolan. lol
Fav Wild Prospect: Again, hard to point at any one and say they are my favorite. It used to be Gillies until he cried when he got sent to Houston. There is no crying in hockey unless you just won the Cup.
Fav Non Wild Prospects: Tyler Bozak. I started paying attention to him while he was at the UofD mostly because of the name. I like his style of play and hope he succeeds. Because I've had the "Bozak" nickname forever, I would really like him on the Wild just so I can get my hometeam jersey with my nickname on it and have it official.
Fav Movies: *shrugs* Far too many to name, but the ones I turn on for brain bleech are Iron Man, The Fifth Element, and the Kill Bill movies.
Music: Exceptionally varied. Was just listening to Simon and Garfunkel last night, but was listening to Lords of Acid the night before...
Hobbies: Recovering WoW addict. Replaced it with hockey.
Fav food: I have issues with food.
Fav Beer: Don't drink.
Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: Wild recent moment; Being at the Khudobin relief effort. Effin amazing. How I became a fan; Great Uncle got me into hockey when I was 5 by watching the Miracle on Ice series on TV and then taking me to several Webster City amateur league games. He skated competitively until he was 89 and was big into the youth movement in northern Iowa.
How long I have been a Wild fan: As a serious fan? 2006-2007. I didn't start analyzing every game and every player until 2008, though, when Pouliot scored against Calgary. Thought it was a fluke, but friends disagreed with me, saying he has a "ton of talent".
Origin of screen name: In college, I couldn't think of a name for my Changling character. A friend mimicked my voice and said "Bozak". It was a race of villain (draconians) in a fantasy series (Dragonlance). It stuck with a lot of people using it as my nickname. When I asked him a few weeks later how he came up with it, he shrugged and said he thought it rhymed with Prozac. I've used it (and Sqare, different origin, pronounced Scare, not Square) as my online handle ever since, including MMOs, FPSs, and forums. I actually answer to it. Wife even calls me Bozak when I get randomly pissy at the world.
Jerseys owned: Nolan (red), Backstrom (red), Green Practice Jersey, Red Practice Jersey, Aeros Jersey.
Married?: Yes
Kids: Do Dogs count?

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