Thread: Michael Russo: Wild announces exhibition schedule
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06-15-2010, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
I call shenanigans. Comcast is only part of the market as there's still Direct TV, Dish Network and satellite; all of which could carry that channel on a regular basis. The Twin Cities have always five years behind the times in technology - another good example is the slow increase of sports games in HD - and it's very disappointing after living somewhere else.
Of course I can't find the article now that it matters, but I read exactly what I typed back when I worked for Comcast.

FSN didn't want to put out a new channel unless it would be everywhere in the metro, and Comcast wouldn't give them a high number digital-only channel deal that FSN would agree to.

Now that Comcast has more extra bandwidth than they've ever had, they're much more willing to expand for the sake of expanding.

To be blunt, it didn't help that the Timberpuppies suck as much as they do. If FSN knew they'd get more viewership and thus more advertising money, it's possible they would've been more apt to take it on the chin.

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