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chaos is here anyway, so I guess I'll announce our pick. Certainly one of the most significant players in history left, though there are concerns about his level of competition, which I am going to try to put into perspective.

The Brooklyn Americans select the captain and best player of the best national team in the world in the 1940s:

Vladimir Zabrodsky, C

The Best Czech Hockey player of the Century:
voted by 50 experts, played-out pros, coaches and refs.

6. XXX 160
7. JAN SUCHÝ 154
9. XXX 121

Zabrodsky is basically the Bobrov of Czechoslovakia. In the late 1940s, Czechoslovakia was looking to become Canada’s main rival in the world of hockey, and Zabrodsky was by far their best player. Czechoslovakia won the 1947 and 49 World Championships and got the silver medal in the 1948 Olympics, after tying Canada’s record and losing out narrowly on goal differential. Zabrodsky was still the leading scorer at the 1948 Olympics, however.

Briefly, here are events that help explain why the USSR and not Czechoslovakia started to emerge as Canada’s principal rival in the 1950s:

1. Zabrodsky’s club team traveled to the USSR in 1948 to help the Soviets develop their hockey.
Originally Posted by
Zábrodský will also go down to history as one of the players who were on the first ever hockey team that visited Russia in 1948. His LTC Praha team played three games against the Russians and helped them develop their hockey.
2. After the Czechs helped to develop Soviet hockey, the Soviets set about undermining the Czech team. First was a mysterious plane crash over the USSR in 1948, then most of the national team (minus Zabrodsky) was arrested for treason in 1950 by the puppet government in Czechoslovakia.
November 18, 1948 team Czechoslovakia had a grievous stroke, in a plane crash killed the goalie XXX, full-back XXX., XXX and XXX, forwards XXX and XXX. XXX left Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the UK (along with him XXX). Nevertheless, Czechoslovakian team once again became the world champion of 1949 in Stockholm, the team won Canada (3:2). From this moment story of Czechoslovakian team was suspended. Before the World Cup of 1950, almost all national team players were charged with treason, attempted to emigrate and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment or disqualified.

Czechoslovakia was the best national team in the world in the years following World War II. The team won the 1947 and 1949 World Championships and lost the 1948 Olympic gold to Canada only on goal differential.

But it was their own people, driven by conspiracy theories in Stalinist Czechoslovakia, who prevented this great team from defending its title at the 1950 World Championship in London, England. Just before the national squad was about to board the plane for Great Britain on March 11, 1950, the players were handcuffed by the national state security police (KNB, Czechoslovakian forerunner to the KGB) and taken to jail.

Seven months later, on October 7, the players appeared in court accused of attempting to defect and they were charged with treason.
Czechoslovakian team jailed for treason – entire generation lostl

Here is information on Zabrodsky himself:

Originally Posted by
Vladimir Zábrodský was a Czechoslovakian giant who almost single-handedly put hockey on the map in what is now the Czech and Slovakian Republic.
His individual play single-handedly won his team many games
. He led the national team to the 1947 and 1949 World Championships. He also participated in the 1948,54,55 and 56 World Championships as well as two Olympic tournaments (1948 and 56). In the 1948 Olympic games in St. Moritz Switzerland, he led the tournament in scoring and his team to a 6-0-1 record, good enough for the silver medal.

Zábrodský was the Czech national team.
He represented the Czechs 93 times and scored an incredible 158 goals, including 29 goals in 7 World Championship games in 1947 and 21 in 8 Olympic games in 1948 !

In Czech league play this crafty center scored 306 goals in 237 games spanning 16 seasons. He led the league in scoring 5 times - 1947 (17 goals), 1949 (19), 1954 (30), 1957 (33) and in 1959 (23). He also won the league championship 6 times - 1946-49 (LTC Praha) and 1953 and 19 54 (Spartak CKD Sokolovo).

12 of Zábrodský's teammates were jailed for espionage and treason in 1950. Their sentences ranged from 8 months to 15 years. Zábrodský somehow wasn't jailed and many people to this day think that he was a "rat", who snitched on his teammates in order to escape any punishment for himself.
Originally Posted by Reds4Life View Post
Zábrodský was center.He was a bit selfish on the ice, but he had to be to score so many goals.
He scored 158 goals in 93 games for the National team.
He played 18 seasons in Czechoslovakian league (230 games) and scored 306 goals.
6 times World Champion.
He played for LTC Prague, Spartak CKD Sokolovo and Bohemians CKD Prague.
5 times best goalscorer of the Czechoslovakian league.
He was called "Boss" some of his teammates call still call him Boss.
He was the leader of World Champions 1947 and 1949.
Phenomenal goalscorer. His backhand shoot is legendary.
He remarkably affected whole team in both National and Club competition. He was the cornerstone of those teams.
I think that there is a lot of evidence that Czech hockey in the late 40s was at the same level as Soviet hockey through much of the 1950s. We give Soviet standouts from the 1950s the benefit of the doubt; we should do the same for Zabrodsky, who I think is likely very comparable to Bobrov in terms of talent, in other words an elite scorer at the MLD level. If jarek has time, he can use his magical SIHR membership to show just how dominant Zabrodsky was statistically, but the quotes I provided above are a good start.

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