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03-19-2005, 11:52 PM
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BOMB THREAT called into my local rink while we were on the ice!

I just got home from my local rink, every Saturday night we have a clinic type thing that starts around 10:30 PM, right after open skating ends. It's not really much of a clinic, we basically just hang out and shoot around and we've got the entire rink to ourselves for pretty much the ENTIRE night, sometimes we've stayed there till 4am just messing around on the ice, playing 3on3, etc. It's a lot of fun.

Well tonight, we get there and everything is normal and going great, it was just me and 4 other guys messing around and having fun on the rink. At about 11 PM or so all of a sudden someone that works at the rink comes running in to get the attention of Mack (he's incharge at the rink and also was on the ice with us shooting around), Mack skates off the ice and runs out into the lobby area of the rink, we weren't sure what was going on so we just kept on shooting around like it was no big deal.

About 2 minutes later we see 4 cops quickly running into the rink with flashlights shining the flashlights in corners, on the roof, in every little doorway, going into the locker rooms, etc. and Mack comes and tells us to just stay on the ice because someone called in a BOMB THREAT!!!!!!!!!

Everything was so crazy, you hear about bomb threats being called into restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. but when it actually happens to you, it's just insane. Being on the ice was probably the safest place because if there was a bomb we'd be protected by the boards and whatnot. The cops told us they would have to call in the BSO bomb squad if they found any suspicious box or anything. We had our sticks all ready to beat some ass, lol... but seriously it was pretty scary.

Again, I must emphasize, this was happening at around midnight and we were pretty much the only ones in the building except for one guy who was organizing the skate rentals so we thought we were being targeted or something, it's not like it happened when it was busy during a game or public skating when there was 100 people on the ice.

The cops ended up not finding anything after doing 2 full searches of the entire building, but it was pretty damn scary. They said it was most likely some punk kids that called in the bomb threat that were at the rink an hour before during the public Saturday night open skating session.

But yeah, it was a crazy night. One of the guys on the ice with us just moved here to Florida from Nebraska and he goes "if this is what Florida is like, i'm going back to Nebraska" :lol.

For all you South Florida people that are wondering, we were at Glacier Ice Arena in Pompano Beach.

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