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Nice, the two early Czech players go back to back.

I like Zabrodsky a bit better than Malecek for 2 simple reasons:

1) The Czechs themselves seem to consider him better. Malecek was the "9. XXX 121" from the list where Zabrodsky is third. I really don't think there much "modern bias" when you are talking about a player who is from the 1930s vs. the 1940s.

2) It's much easier to figure out a comparable for the level of competition Zabrodsky faced. I'd guess that his competition was probably on the same level as the Soviets faced in the mid-late 50s; this is assuming it took the Soviets several years to reach the level that the Czechs had been at in the late 40s. I have no idea how to even start determining Malecek's level of competitions.

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